10 Easy Ecommerce SEO Tips To Rank Higher In Google In 2017

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How can you sell anything if customers can't find you? Remember, link only to relevant content, and not just for the sake of having internal links on your article. It's quicker and cheaper to rank for longer, specific keyword phrases, and more than 40% of searches are comprised of four or more words. Bing still looks for links that contain relevant keywords in the anchor text.

Too many think that on-page SEO is old hat," but optimizing quality content has been proven time and again to be a traffic driver. Consistently adding unique and high quality content on a regular basis to your ecommerce site will not only add additional value for users, it will also help with your search engine ranking.

If you're unfamiliar with the term, it means that links from Tumblr carry SEO value—which isn't the case for many social sites. Use relevant keywords in your image's file name. Making your content shareable allows your readers to share it across different social networks while driving huge traffic to your site.

This indicates a company that's likely selling links to increase customers' Dennis SEO. The golden rule for finding keywords to use on your homepage and product pages is to make sure that they are highly relevant. 3. If you are writing your own articles to rank make sure you are going after keywords you can actually rank and get traffic for.

As Chris Lake mentions in his post on optimising for micro-moments , mobile searchers are a) very active and b) not brand loyal, so there's a huge opportunity, especially as many businesses are lagging behind due to poor mobile user experiences. However, instead of choosing a theme that looks beautiful and aesthetically appealing, choose a theme that is optimized for search engines.

Shopify is advanced e-commerce Content Management System & shopping cart with built in Search Engine Optimization elements. If that fails, you can always piggyback on the success of others to grab some viral traffic (and links) for your own site. As voice search and digital assistants continue to grow, optimizing content that answers questions will help boost your organic traffic and keyword ranking for long-tail and short-tail keyword terms.

For me this has been so valuable in terms of transitioning my blog over from being found by social to being found by search — which is better for traffic growth in the long-run. It takes time for your SEO efforts to be reflected in your rankings, so don't feel as though your time or money has been wasted.

A good strategy to use is to team up with other sites and have them link to your website as well - this will skyrocket your relevance in the Google's eyes. While Tumblr's dofollow links do offers a unique advantage, it doesn't offer all of the built in tools for on-page SEO like Wordpress and other popular platforms.

WordPress offers an extremely useful plugin called Google XML Sitemaps that automatically generates a sitemap of your website which will help search engines to better index your site. Easier said than done, ranking on the first page of Google is both a science and an art.

There is a general problem with the way Squarespace handles all the above: depending on the template you're using, these descriptions may appear not just in search results but on your site too (for example, at the top of a page or in a summary block containing a list of your blog posts).

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