Embracing Death Through Celebrity Lives: Johnny Carson

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An icon to the masses for over three decades, Carson defined the way we viewed the world around us through comical antics. His diverse guests ranged from Cher, to David Lee Roth, Roseanne Barr, Jerry Seinfeld, and even Pee Wee Herman (Paul Reubens). As we matured, The Tonight Show host shared satirical wisdom about politics, family and life in general.

Whether he played host to monkeys and leaopards, or superstar celebrities; Johnny Carson entered our living rooms and dens each night with a larger-than-life improvisation of the humanistic character. Not all of us were avid fans of Carson, but most of us held great respect for a man with such candor and sincerity in the public eye.

When he left the Tonight Show in 1991, people everywhere were stunned by his retirement. But like so many of us, he wanted to leave a lasting impression that would virtually immortalize his existence - and that, he did. Without a whimper, without a bang, Johnny Carson left the stage quietly and was seldom seen or heard again. Our final, visual impression of him was that of an mature, but healthy, witty gentleman. We forgot about his human, or mortal side. We didn't remember his notorious marriages, and we certainly didn't personally know the 'man' - Johnny Carson. We knew him for that 1/2-1 hour show each night as he so graciously beseeched us with his bravado. As personal friends now (who knew Mr. If you have any issues concerning where by and how to use xxxnx vides (lovetantricmassagelondon.co.uk), you can get hold of us at the web site. Carson) retell stories of his utter shyness, Mr. Carson was as human as we come.

Suddenly, without a glimpse of his real, personal life, the TV legend has been shockingly stripped from our lives. Yes, we can watch his eternally-capsulated shows on DVD, or VHS but now it's distinctly 'different.' Our own human minds have created an illusion of eternal life. By virtue of example of Mr. Johnny Carson, we've unintentionally led ourselves to believe that man can be an immortal, physical species.

And it is when those thoughts or ideas are quickly placed back into perspective, that we realize physical immortality is not the case at all. It wasn't that stars like Johnny Carson, Bob Hope and many others like them did this to us on purpose - in fact, it is our own thinking that deceives us so willingly. Because we live in a technological age, the media has composed an elaborate scene of false perceptions. In doing so, we see our public figures day in and day out - whether it be television news, films, radio, or the like - their presence is always there.

Our individual mentality as human beings, will quite often deliberately confuse our rational with illogical ideas. In other words, our vision field can be easily distorted by what we would 'like' to believe. There's a quote that states, '...There are only two guarantees in life: Death and Taxes.' And logically, this is fact. So how do we embrace death without fear of absolute mortality?

We don't have to allow (our thinking about) death to get in the way of life. When we empower ourselves to face each day with a positive attitude, in a sense, we are overcoming death. By understanding that in everything, there is a time, and a season - just like green leaves on age-old oaks, we too, will find our season. It is, afterall, our spirit, or essence that is left behind. Our life and the sheer vitality that we emit is forever immortal.

While we struggle with daily routines, it is vital to one's wellbeing to find the time to reflect and to nurture the soul. Involving yourself in things that make your heart feel good, like volunteering at an animal shelter, lending a helping hand or visiting your local retirement center - these are just a few thoughts on nurturing the spirit. Because when we give of ourselves, we receive so much in return. And this is what allows us to become spiritually immortal.

Johnny Carson xxx com was not 'immortal,' persay, but he immortalized his essence. We didn't necessarily like him because he had white hair or because he had a good physique - we welcomed his humor, his charm, his laughter, his wit, his intelligence. It was our perception of his qualities that made him seemingly infinite. Thus, when we smile, or do nice deeds, we can quietly cherish these moments in lucid reflection. And when we live for the moment, our shells may not live forever, but our spirit - just like Mr. Carson - will be etched in the hearts and lives of many.

� 2005 Embracing Death through Celebrity Lives: Johnny Carson
by C. Bailey-Lloyd
aka. Lady Camelot

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