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MKV (Matroska Video) is a popular format for online video distribution (particularly through BitTorrent networks and all). Nowadays people can easily download various sorts of MKV files online free of charge. However, all of the MKV videos can't be directly played in many system built-in players, and need to be converted to other formats. This article here will introduce to you what is MKV, how to play MKV videos and convert them easily with iFunia MKV converter( website ) for Mac.

What is MKV
MKV (.MKV), acronym for the Matroska Multimedia Container, is an open standard free container format, a file format that can hold an unlimited number of video, audio, picture or subtitle tracks inside a single file. It aims to become the standard of multimedia container formats, it contains three file types: MKV for video files (including audios and subtitles); MKS for subtitles (only subtitles); MKA for audio files only. It is an open and free container format, which can keep a number of video, audio, picture subtitle components in just one file. To store HD video files is the most common use of MKV files.

How to play MKV files on Mac
There are many softwares that has native Matroska support. If you beloved this write-up and you would like to get far more facts regarding x xx vidos ( kindly check out our own page. I recommend trying either MPlayer OS X or VLC Media Player. They are all free.
These excellent and free multimedia players can tackle many of the video formats unknown to QuickTime. They contain a decoder to decode the .MKV files. They will also play many of the formats you will find inside the .MKV file.

How to convert MKV easily for MAC
1. Run iFunia MKV Converter for Mac and add MKV video files
Download and run iFunia MKV converter for Mac( website ), then Click "Add" button to input MKV files to this program.

2. Select format and set destination folder
Select whatever format you want in the drop-down list of "convert to". To play the video with QuickTime, you can select MP4 or MOV. To sync to your portable devices, you can select MP4 or 3GP. To edit with iMovie, you can select MP4 or MOV. To upload to video website, you can select FLV. To view .mkv files on your PS3 then select PS3 MP4. At the same time, specify a directory on your computer to save the output files.

3. Set output settings
You can change the output settings as you need by clicking "Settings". Remember that the output file size mostly depends on the Bitrate you set. Larger Bitrate, larger file size. Actually video with bitrate as 768 is acceptable for watching.

4. Start conversion
Click the big button "Start" to start the converting, the convert progress bar shows you how much of the encoding xxxnx vidos is completed. The encoding time will depend on several variables including: the duration of the video file, the speed of your computer, what other activity your computer is currently doing and the bitrate you set. Sure it is without the problem of audio-video out of sync.

* Batch conversion. You can add as many videos as you want for MKV to popular file formats batch conversion.
* Fine-tune video with editing tools. It allows you edit video with special effects built into iFunia MKV converter for Mac, including:
** Merge multiple video clips into one video.
** Trim video and convert the segments you want with this Mac MKV Converter.
** Crop video - remove black bars of the videos.
** Add Watermark - overlay text or image logo on your videos, perfect for advanced video converter users.
** Personalize your video with special effects.
** Preview in real-time while video editing.

* Support for multi-threading processors - video converting is faster than ever!
* Convert video while you sleep. When it's done, iFunia MKV Converter Mac will exit by itself and shutdown your computer safely.
* If you are running Windows, please refer to iFunia MKV Converter for windows( website ).

After all are over, you get the MKV videos you want to enjoy as your wishes. Have fun and hope this helps everyone out there.

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