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Maybe, just maybe, your e-letter, or e-zine isn't driving in business because, well, how should I put this? Ugh, it is full of sin. Maybe out of laziness recipients haven't unsubscribed, or it is flagged to go straight to their spam folder.

If you aren't getting traffic back to your website and you aren't getting orders or phone calls, then it is time to STOP what you are doing and rethink. Be proud of yourself for getting started and actually doing something, and we commend you for that, but STOP before you hurt yourself by numbing or worse, disengaging your list so that they just won't ever see your message again.

STOP and REFOCUS. First, who are you emailing? Are these current or past customers? What and when did they last buy from you? Are they prospects? What are they interested in? What industry or market segment are they in? Where in the country are they or for that matter, where in the world are they? When are you sending these out? What are your statistics telling you?

If you can't answer most or all of these questions then you are not going to be effective and you risk losing your audience all together. Here are some tips that might help.

The first golden rule is to segment your database and send relevant information. If you are just continuing to send self-promotional emails then you are doomed to fail with this marketing program. When your emails consistently sound like your narcissistic grandmother: I, Me, My, Our, We and other words and phrases that are self promotional, then you will be guaranteed to be tuned out. Your emails and e-letters should not sound like a sales pitch and if they do, then, you have just committed the first sin of email marketing.

Imagine yourself at a networking event or cocktail party. You don't go up to a someone, even someone you know and say "hey, my company does this, so click here and buy today" and if you do, chances are you will quickly be left standing in a corner all alone. Email marketing is the same.

What else could be possibly wrong with your email? The message and content are critical and when effectively crafted with list segmentation can be brilliant. But if you are under the misconception that what you have to say is so important and interesting, that everyone is going to read every word you or your brilliant copywriter writes, you are dead wrong. The minute someone opens up an email and sees a long paragraph or that they have to scroll and scroll, well you have just created the second sin of email marketing.

Long paragraphs defy readability; no one sits on their computer and devours every word. Your email should have scanability and the option to skip over or click for more. Your best plan of action is to create a series of headlines with a powerful description and a click for more option. Let the readers choose what they want to spend their time reading. You don't have their undivided attention, you have to earn it. If your article or story is more than three sentences then you need to give the reader the option to click xxx pon for more and be directed to a landing page where the full content resides. This helps the recipient manage their time and interest and it gives you valuable data as to what they are interested in and you can craft better and better emails over time. This also drives traffic to your website that now offers more opportunities for exposure.

You might think your design is interesting while others might find it a visual assault. If you have virtually any concerns about exactly where along with tips on how to use xxx porn free videos, you are able to e-mail us with the web-page. If your design and imagery are overdone, then you just threw out your chance to be heard and committed the third sin. When design is done poorly you risk not getting any attention. Color boxes make content hard to read, embedded images and large images are just a big mistake. You've seen the email where you open it and there is a large box that takes up your screen and you have to click to download the image or choose not to at all but you can't see any text without having to scroll. Don't make this the venue where you attempt to showcase your designer and if you are doing it yourself, don't unless you are trained! The bottom line is that your design could be the barrier to actually getting read.

Don't give up your email campaigns, just get better at them! Think like a customer, think like a prospect and then craft your story and your design to engage them, not enrage them. And my all time favorite words of advice: You can only change someone's mind from their point of view.

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