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xxx porn free videos -; In today's world of improved technology, where we're supposed to be able to do everything faster and better, have our abilities to communicate improved at all? It seems that conflicts and broken down relationships are on the increase. Where social media, email and the internet are supposed to bring us closer together as people, we seem more disconnected than ever before. In fact, most of our challenges in life today come with hair on top, ie: most of our challenges are to do with people rather than things. We argue with our boss, our workmates, our spouse, our kid and our parents. Road rage is on the increase and people just seem to walking around in a perpetual state of anger and stress. Whatever happened to good old fashioned just getting along? Why are the number of conflicts at home and in the workplace on the increase? I believe it's because, as a society we have become guilty of what I call the 5 Sins of Conflict, which I have outlined below:

Conflict Sin #1: Today we are busier than ever before and we are constantly being taught how to be more streamlined and efficient. But you cannot be more efficient with your relationships. Efficiency is for things and effectiveness is for relationships. The old adage of quality time not quantity time could not be more wrong when it comes to the important relationships in our lives. If you are not spending quantity time with your spouse, your relationship will break down.If you are not spending quantity time with your friends, you'll lose them. If you don't spend quantity time with your kids, one day you'll wake up and they won't recognize you. So stop treating your relationships like things and give them the time they deserve.

Conflict Sin #2: As a result of our increased busy-ness, many of us have taught ourselves to be experts at multi-tasking. This might work well at our jobs but then we try and to the same thing in our relationships with disastrous results. The man comes home and tries to talk to his wife while also catching up with the latest sports news. Guess how well that goes down? She is left feeling ignored and hurt, he is left wondering what he did now. You cannot multi-task your relationships, whether intimate or otherwise. Give your important relationships, not only the time, but also the attention they deserve. This is also seen in the workforce where staff are left unclear on exactly what the expectations are of them while managers are wondering why their team can't be more effective. The number 1 source of dissatisfaction in the workplace is lack of clarity around what is expected. Give your team the time and attention they and watch their productivity soar. As a result your productivity will increase as well. Your team is your number 1 resource - treat them as such. By the way, a byproduct of this is that you'll have a happier team, more fun and better relationships at work or in your business.

Conflict Sin #3: Today the stress levels of the average individual are at their highest ever. Most of us are constantly walking around in a state of stress. In this stressed state, we are more agitated and irritable so even the smallest happening can cause us to bark our heads off like wild dogs. So to reduce conflicts and to have better relationships, do whatever you can to stress less. Take time to relax, go for a walk, exercise, take a few deep breaths. Do whatever you can. The last thing you want to do bring the stress of your day at work with you as you walk in the door because in that state, when your child or your spouse comes to you with an issue, it's going to seem like someone else is placing a demand on you and you're going to snap. Do this enough times and the people closest to you will start to move away. By the time you realise, you'll wonder why your relationship is going off the rails when you still love the person.

At work, have you ever snapped or over reacted to a situation or an individual? It's rarely ever due to that person but she was just the straw that broke the camel's back. She is then left wondering what she did wrong and starts to contribute less in the hope that she won't rock the boat too much. Understand that your team, your workmates, the people in your sphere of influence will respond to you as a result of the way you interact with them. So find a way to de-stress,remain centred and relax as much as possible. You'll find life so much easier, more enjoyable and you'll be able to deal with challenges so much more easily and avoid unnecessary conflicts.

Conflict Sin #4: When communicating with others, most of us are not looking to contribute to a conversation. Rather we try to protect ourselves, make sure we say the right thing and avoid looking bad. As a result we're not really present to the conversation that's happening. While someone else is speaking, we're not really listening; instead we're just waiting for a gap in the conversation to jump in and say our piece. As a result, the other person in the conversation feels invalidated and that we don't value their opinion. This causes unrest, feelings of dissatisfaction and conflict. Instead, when you're having a conversation, be present. Give your full focus to what that person is saying, really listen and stop worrying about what you will say. As one of my mentors told me, we have two ears and one mouth. That's because we need to listen twice as much as we talk. By doing so, not only will the other person feel better but you will have better quality conversations and you'll find yourself saying the right thing naturally, because you are in the flow of the conversation. So be prepared to dance with the communication and go where it flows, rather than trying to protect yourself and your point of view. That will never work.

Conflict Sin #5:. Whenever there is some disagreement, most of us immediately want to be right - or at the very least we want to avoid being wrong. As human beings, we have this internal force to prove to everyone else that we can be right. Watch yourself when you're doing this because it's only going to escalate conflict and damage relationships. Instead, stop trying to be right all the time, stop making the conversation all about you and instead focus on creating the best possible outcome. If that is your focus, you will end up with a far better outcome than what you thought in the first place, the people in your conversation and in the relationship will feel that their opinion matters to you and the number of conflicts you have will decrease sharply while your happiness and strength of relationship will only increase. The benefits are massive so stop trying to be right all the time.

Are you guilty of any of the top 5 sins of conflict? I know I have been and I still am from time to time. However, at least by being aware of these sins, I can catch myself when I'm committing them and even when I do commit them, I can apologize and move on. Knowing these sins and putting in action steps to avoid them won't remove all conflict from your life - that's not the aim because sometimes conflict can be good. However, by avoiding these sins, the damaging conflicts can be reduced, your relationships will be enhanced and overall you will have a happier and more enjoyable life.

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